Dethklok drawing WIP updated 12/12

dethklok_pencils_2sm I'm finally back to working on my personal projects. This is the final drawing with the altered horses and various touch-ups, I'll start on the coloring from here and do any other altering during that stage. I did a minimal amount of shading to the figures, since this piece, unlike the gripping beast picture, is less about dense rendering and more about the overall flow.


Another update, about 10% remaining to do to the drawing, most of which is editing the horses to reflect famine, death, pestilence and war imagery of the four horsemen. Click image above for larger version.dethklok_draw02

I've gotten all the main Dethklok characters drawn, next I'll start working on all the peripheral imagery as well as tweaking the existing line work.


Above is a close up...I just noticed that I forgot Skwisgaar's guitar strap. I also need to print it out to get an idea of the scale and whether any more detail is needed.


This is the first section of finished pencils from the Dethklok sketch, specifically the lower left corner, which is Toki. I plan on doing extra shading later on, once I'm sure that all the parts of the picture are where I want them to be.  This part of the drawing will probably be the hardest part bc of the unusual angle on the horse and the guitar...the rest of the drawing is more straight forward though, and I'll hopefully burn through it faster. I'll be adding all future updates, for this drawing, within this post.

See the final art here.