Angel & Faith Comic Cover Issue 1

Dark Horse posted my Angel & Faith cover, in their WonderCon recap, at long last I'm posting it. I wasn't given any specifics other than the city (London) and the Clock Tower of St Stephens (aka Big Ben) should be under construction (due to its date with a spaceship). There was one other bit of info that they mentioned, after I had finished the drawing...take a guess on what the addition was :)

So I set about creating an issue-neutral image that could still impart back story about the characters.

Upcoming Angel Comic Covers

I've been sitting on this news for quite a while, but Dark Horse made the announcement at WonderCon last night, that I'll be the cover artist for their "Angel" or rather their "Angel & Faith" comic coming out in August 2011. There's a short article on FEARnet and also a mention on CBR. They haven't released my art yet...the covers that are currently circulating are Jo Chen's and Georges Jeanty's, which are variants. I took a screen grab of the video which shows my cover:





Meanwhile, I'm working on finishing up another cover this weekend, bringing the total to 7 covers which I've done, that are currently under wraps, three of which are Angel covers. Can't wait until they start rolling out.