These Qui Gon Jinn and Buffy sketches (click the "continue reading" link to see the Buffy sketch) are a result of a potential client, requesting that I provide examples to demonstrate my ability to create a likeness accurately.

I noticed this page was getting allot of hits so I updated the above image as I had edited it after roughs are rough, but the older one had been too rough for Dark Horse so I had smoothed it out.

I don't like to copy images, for many reasons, but creatively it narrows what you can do with the character as you must always match the body pose to what face angle you can find...I much prefer doing whatever pose I want and then extrapolating the face from several photos. I've painted portraits throughout my life, so I guess if I have a "thing", faces would be it, and this background is a big benefit to do likenesses and faces in general.

These sketches landed me the job and I'll fill in the details once the work is published.