RTX Art Color Final

I've started coloring some of my older drawings. I had time during the week and finished this  RTX ( Jennifer Herrema ) piece. I may add some animal tails (raccoon, fox...) to her ensemble, but haven't as of yet bc I felt they may interfere with her silhouette. I planned on rougher brush strokes a la Boldini, but the amount of background detail in this pict required more restraint...Instead I did some marbling in the bg but left it vague.  Originally I was going to use an ochre/yellow background but since I want to use that color scheme on my Farscape drawing, I changed plans on this one.

RTX updated

rtx_pencils03 This is the final drawing to the WIP, with the creature totems finished in the background. The coloring stage will help to separate the foreground from the background and some further editing to the drawing may occur as I color.


This is my newest drawing (still in progress) of Jennifer Herrema, the singer of Royal Trux ( aka RTX ). I've been a big fan of the band for years and since I want to fill out my portfolio...it's time for a tribute illustration.