“Felled and Fallen” color final

This is the final image, for the time being, I'll go back to it in a couple of weeks just to see if I want to add any other details or define anything better. I had posted the first "finished" version at ConceptArt and the general feedback was that the angel's position was too hard to figure out under a pile of leaves, so I removed almost all the leaves, moved her leg and added an arm.

"Felled and Fallen" color WIP.1

I've started coloring "Felled". I've reverted back to a less green tinted version from the detail above. The green tint was added to help bring more focus to the angel's face (with the contrasting color), but I liked the slightly more muted tone of the original...I can always tint at the end if I decide to go back in that direction. The picture is about 40% finished, in terms of adding color detail and rendering, I also want to paint over more of the line art. I keep intending on doing some more simple pictures (this was suppose to be one of those) but they end up getting more complicated despite my original intention.

Felled and Fallen WIP

I was getting ready to start coloring another of my older drawings but decided that it was a little boring. Originally the picture was a wooded scene with an arm, sword and wing emerging from a covering of leaves. I intended it to be tranquil, albeit a picture of a dead angel, but I decided I wanted a livelier image. I've increased the original wing size as well as revealing the angels head, which will be held up by a devil. I'd prefer not to cover up the background details, with the devil, but the foreground is the main focus, so I'm still experimenting.