Raven and friends

This was one of the original Salish style images that I made in early 2000, I think this was actually the last one that I created. Recently, I did further editing to it by adding the color red (was originally all black) as well as adding a bat (directly below his tail). Represented, aside from the Raven itself, is a frog, a bat, two turtles and a human.

Bat attack

bat With all the Halloween imagery floating around I decided to fiddle with an old bat illustration I did, years ago, that was done in a vintage holiday decoration style. But I decided to apply the bat theme to a new Butterbroda image and the picture above is a result of what I did today. I wasn't planning on having a background, allowing the boys shape to only be defined by the outline of the bat, but I changed my mind. I'm still fiddling with this though, should have it done by the end of the week.