Buffy the Vampire Slayer cover - season 10 issue 13

This cover was the first time I had illustrated Wonderland and Aluwyn and I went with a full-on high fantasy enviornment, surrounding the characters with a glowing fairytale. The environment is a contrast to the tension between the characters, their faces pinched in displeasure: Aluwyn scowls at Willow and Willow turns from Aluwyn with a knitted brown.

Finishing CD art & design


I was contacted by the musician, Jennie Arnau, to create artwork for her album, "Chasing Giants," due out this Summer. I was really excited to get this opportunity as it provides a great showcase for my work and Jennie's a fantastic musical artist. I ended up covering the entire packaging with illustrations as well as decorative design flourishes. I'll post more picts once the CD is released.