"Felled and Fallen" color WIP.1

I've started coloring "Felled". I've reverted back to a less green tinted version from the detail above. The green tint was added to help bring more focus to the angel's face (with the contrasting color), but I liked the slightly more muted tone of the original...I can always tint at the end if I decide to go back in that direction. The picture is about 40% finished, in terms of adding color detail and rendering, I also want to paint over more of the line art. I keep intending on doing some more simple pictures (this was suppose to be one of those) but they end up getting more complicated despite my original intention.

Dethklok Digital Painting WIP updated with final art

Above is the tentatively finished piece, any changes will be minor and probably visible only on the hires file.

Detail of the WIP. I still have plenty to do, the color is all down, but I'm busy refining and rendering...and in some cases, editing the drawing, like Murderface's head.


This is the start to the coloring to my Dethklok drawing. The sky is close to finished,  Nathan still has some work to be done, but I'll wait until I can get the rest of the picture blocked out so I can get a better overall sense of things. I also need to figure out how to handle the jaguar above Nathan, I may end up deleting it if it doesn't blend well with the rest of the picture.