Butterbroda Pig Roast

This is a new piece from my Butterbroda series.

Titled: "The Feast We Made of Us"
Size: 30"x20"

I introduced a couple of new colors, beyond the additions, which I had used on the Alice in Wonderland piece. I tried a green for the apple and lettuce, but decided to stick with the blue and red, green somehow felt too far outside the color space. While adding more colors frees me up a bit in the way shapes can overlap, it also requires some use of outlines, which I rarely used for colored shapes.


Uggibjörn, Plush Monster

I've been wanting to bring Uggibjörn into the three dimensional world since I first created him for my print "The Perils of Their Acquaintance". I collaborated with Sara at S. Auman Smith Plush, to finally bring him to life. Sara did a great job realizing my sketches and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

The name Uggibjörn is constructed of two separate words. Uggi means "fear/fearsom" in old Icelandic and the Nordic name, Björn, which means "bear". I chose that combination because I thought it flowed well, sounded like a proper name, and in English it still has a connotation because of the sound  of "Uggi", or "oogie".

I had small number made (7), and they are currently for sale on my website.

My front and back design for the plushie. The original design of the monster was altered from the print, so that it was better formatted for being made in felt.

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf Final

Title:"Hushed Demons Belie in Pleasantry Strewn Gardens"

I managed to produce this over the weekend, which was much faster than I expected. I spent the rest of the week cleaning up and stray lines and refining curves. I'm glad I had done the smaller botanical piece first,  as I think it really helped my time on this one. The wolf took some experimentation, my first attempts made the fur too detailed, but I finally found a happy medium.

The completed size is 18"x24" and is for sale here. I may also offer it as a diptych, with each print being a detail of either The Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood.

Strangers with Ouchie Candy

Title: "Shared Evaluations oft not Share Appreciations"

Another from the Westerly sub-series. The girl and candy apple originally appeared on the CD art, with the apple being held by a hand which came in from the edge of the liner note page. I redrew the hand and added the witch. The visual suggestion of a wing, on the witch's right side, was added for a little more weirdness...I had played with putting her other arm there, but it seemed distracting...the wing was more subtle and added a component to the story telling.

The Gingerbread Man Can

gingerb_man_5x7_01 Title: "Our Indulgences are Not Without Defense"

For a change, I did the subject matter in a vignette, additionally having the gingerbread man breaking through the vignette frame for added interest. I originally planned to put an eyeball on the end of the candy stick, but I decided to let the picture suggest the violence rather than showing it directly...I may do a variation later on with the eyeball or drop of blood.

More CD art

Below is more artwork for the Jennie Arnau CD, "Chasing Giants," packaging. The CD will be sold in a digipak, which is a wraparound case, made with heavy paper stock. The advantage of the digipak is that it allowed me to create a single wraparound image, like the front and back covers of a book. Wraparound cover image

The packaging also required a  liner note book, containing three inner spreads with front and back covers.  Since the lyrics were relatively long, I created free-floating art that I could place around the text and tie together with flourishing lines and rope designs. The rope designs were one of my favorite additions to this style, fitting perfectly into the western theme and adding another level of embellishment, which helped provide both flow and cohesion.

One spread from the multi-page liner notes

I treated the CD label similar to the liner notes spreads, with floating art and scrolling designs to create motion and fill the space while keeping a sense of overall airiness.

CD label art

Including the front and back cover, liner notes and CD label, I also provided artwork for the CD tray and inside flap which holds the liner notes.

The tracks from "Chasing Giants" are available on itunes and amazon.com, the actual CD may not be in stores for a few more months. Thanks again to Jennie and Tamara for giving me the creative freedom to go where my imagination took me.