RTX Art Color Final

I've started coloring some of my older drawings. I had time during the week and finished this  RTX ( Jennifer Herrema ) piece. I may add some animal tails (raccoon, fox...) to her ensemble, but haven't as of yet bc I felt they may interfere with her silhouette. I planned on rougher brush strokes a la Boldini, but the amount of background detail in this pict required more restraint...Instead I did some marbling in the bg but left it vague.  Originally I was going to use an ochre/yellow background but since I want to use that color scheme on my Farscape drawing, I changed plans on this one.

More CD art

Below is more artwork for the Jennie Arnau CD, "Chasing Giants," packaging. The CD will be sold in a digipak, which is a wraparound case, made with heavy paper stock. The advantage of the digipak is that it allowed me to create a single wraparound image, like the front and back covers of a book. Wraparound cover image

The packaging also required a  liner note book, containing three inner spreads with front and back covers.  Since the lyrics were relatively long, I created free-floating art that I could place around the text and tie together with flourishing lines and rope designs. The rope designs were one of my favorite additions to this style, fitting perfectly into the western theme and adding another level of embellishment, which helped provide both flow and cohesion.

One spread from the multi-page liner notes

I treated the CD label similar to the liner notes spreads, with floating art and scrolling designs to create motion and fill the space while keeping a sense of overall airiness.

CD label art

Including the front and back cover, liner notes and CD label, I also provided artwork for the CD tray and inside flap which holds the liner notes.

The tracks from "Chasing Giants" are available on itunes and amazon.com, the actual CD may not be in stores for a few more months. Thanks again to Jennie and Tamara for giving me the creative freedom to go where my imagination took me.