Uggibjörn, Plush Monster

I've been wanting to bring Uggibjörn into the three dimensional world since I first created him for my print "The Perils of Their Acquaintance". I collaborated with Sara at S. Auman Smith Plush, to finally bring him to life. Sara did a great job realizing my sketches and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

The name Uggibjörn is constructed of two separate words. Uggi means "fear/fearsom" in old Icelandic and the Nordic name, Björn, which means "bear". I chose that combination because I thought it flowed well, sounded like a proper name, and in English it still has a connotation because of the sound  of "Uggi", or "oogie".

I had small number made (7), and they are currently for sale on my website.

My front and back design for the plushie. The original design of the monster was altered from the print, so that it was better formatted for being made in felt.