Raven and friends

This was one of the original Salish style images that I made in early 2000, I think this was actually the last one that I created. Recently, I did further editing to it by adding the color red (was originally all black) as well as adding a bat (directly below his tail). Represented, aside from the Raven itself, is a frog, a bat, two turtles and a human.

Devil Totem

Title: "All of Me, 1k"

Back in early 2000 I did several Salish style animal pictures, I sold them on shirts a bit, but the designs have pretty much been shelved for a long time. Recently, I thought about trying to work some of that Salish style into my present work, either in "spirit" or more literally.  I sketched out this new piece a few weeks ago, and yesterday I finally dove and got it done. The fun part about using the Salish style is that I normally have the larger encompassing figure planned out, but after that part is drawn I wing it, carving shapes into the larger outline and then experimenting with what types of figures work in the voids and spaces.