Spike variant cover, issue 1 of 5

Dark Horse requested that I use a more comic bookish look for these Spike covers, to create a better visual separation between my variants and the main cover art. I essentially used my sequential style, but I drew/colored it all in Photoshop rather than Illustrator, which had been my typical means of drawing sequential art. After finishing this cover, I realized I had gone a little too thick on some of the line art...so subsequent covers, for this series, will be on a line-weight diet.

By request, I'm adding the original line art, click through to see it...

Angel & Faith Comic Cover Issue 1

Dark Horse posted my Angel & Faith cover, in their WonderCon recap, today...so at long last I'm posting it. I wasn't given any specifics other than the city (London) and the Clock Tower of St Stephens (aka Big Ben) should be under construction (due to its date with a spaceship). There was one other bit of info that they mentioned, after I had finished the drawing...take a guess on what the addition was :)

So I set about creating an issue-neutral image that could still impart back story about the characters.

Upcoming Angel Comic Covers

I've been sitting on this news for quite a while, but Dark Horse made the announcement at WonderCon last night, that I'll be the cover artist for their "Angel" or rather their "Angel & Faith" comic coming out in August 2011. There's a short article on FEARnet and also a mention on CBR. They haven't released my art yet...the covers that are currently circulating are Jo Chen's and Georges Jeanty's, which are variants. I took a screen grab of the tfaw.com video which shows my cover:





Meanwhile, I'm working on finishing up another cover this weekend, bringing the total to 7 covers which I've done, that are currently under wraps, three of which are Angel covers. Can't wait until they start rolling out.

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf Final

Title:"Hushed Demons Belie in Pleasantry Strewn Gardens"

I managed to produce this over the weekend, which was much faster than I expected. I spent the rest of the week cleaning up and stray lines and refining curves. I'm glad I had done the smaller botanical piece first,  as I think it really helped my time on this one. The wolf took some experimentation, my first attempts made the fur too detailed, but I finally found a happy medium.

The completed size is 18"x24" and is for sale here. I may also offer it as a diptych, with each print being a detail of either The Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood.

Dendriform Fig.1 drawing WIP

A detail of some progress on the first Dendriform drawing. The foreground subjects are finished, so I'm moving on to the background...just trying to decide how far I want to go with the detail and stylization. I planned to make the background float in the center of the picture, but I think I may take it to the edges, since the main figures are already close to some of the edges.

The taffy pullers WIP

This will likely be a new Butterbroda picture.  For a change, I decided to sketch out an idea by pencil, rather than stylus. Quite a few times I reflexively thought I could zoom, undue or move part of the drawing...it's funny how wired the brain becomes to certain tasks. Years ago I once found myself trying to "command-z" my way out of a spill on the kitchen counter...in my defense, I think I had a bit of monitor burn from many hours of nonstop computer usage.

Paolo & Francesca finished art

Title: "Vertiginous Our Love"

Finishing this "Paolo & Francesca" piece, just cleaning up some of the shapes now.

Paolo & Francesca were historical contemporaries of Dante and appeared in his "inferno," more info here and here. The couple has appeared in many works of art over the centuries, inspired by their characterization in the "inferno".

Dollhouse comic cover

Info on the Dollhouse comic adaptation was just released in the last day or so. I created this cover shortly after I did the "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale" cover. This isn't being released as an individual comic but is being bundled with the Dollhouse season 2 dvd release. More info here .  Having been a fan of both Serenity and Dollhouse, I was really excited about providing art for their comic incarnations.

Dendriform Fig. 1 sketch

This is a detail from my new series, "Dendriform", which will contrast the synthetic-modern world with the natural world. The style will be more editorial than my regular digital paintings and I'll probably be using a  restricted palette. I also want to introduce some old experiments from college, specifically geometry and the human body.