Angel & Faith cover issue 7 s9


An earlier version of this cover had been released with a slightly less baked version of Angel's face lol, but the fixed version above is what will see print. I was so caught up  rendering Dru and detailing her dress, that by the time I was coloring Angel, my objectivity was out the window...A little time away remedied the problem though.


Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf Final

Title:"Hushed Demons Belie in Pleasantry Strewn Gardens"

I managed to produce this over the weekend, which was much faster than I expected. I spent the rest of the week cleaning up and stray lines and refining curves. I'm glad I had done the smaller botanical piece first,  as I think it really helped my time on this one. The wolf took some experimentation, my first attempts made the fur too detailed, but I finally found a happy medium.

The completed size is 18"x24" and is for sale here. I may also offer it as a diptych, with each print being a detail of either The Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood.