Flipping the bird

I flipped the colors on this one, it started with the lighter pallet , but I felt it was getting a little lost...at least in the present composition. This is part of the "Westerly Strut" sub-series, but it could really go with Butterbroda "proper" as well. On a side note, I've started to color the "Felled" drawing,  it still has along ways to go, but will post the WIP soon.

Prairie Iguana

Title: Negotiating the Prairie Iguana

Originally this was meant to be a diptych,like the other I had done. Aside from liking triptych and diptych, there was also a practicality angle (in terms of shipping) bc I have the materials for shipping 5"x7" prints, but not 8"x10". But I decided that breaking the images into two halves doesn't work for the flow of the composition. So I reformatted this as well as "We Shall Pop A Cap" to 8"x10". I'll likely have these printed on a glossy stock as it provides scratch protection, which these bigger prints may need. Once they're under glass, the difference in surface finishing to the 5"x7" becomes a non issue.

Strangers with Ouchie Candy

Title: "Shared Evaluations oft not Share Appreciations"

Another from the Westerly sub-series. The girl and candy apple originally appeared on the CD art, with the apple being held by a hand which came in from the edge of the liner note page. I redrew the hand and added the witch. The visual suggestion of a wing, on the witch's right side, was added for a little more weirdness...I had played with putting her other arm there, but it seemed distracting...the wing was more subtle and added a component to the story telling.