Graphic Novel Art

verb_pg1c This has been in the works for a while, or rather was started a while back but progress has come to a stand still because of other projects and work. Above is the first page of a very long Graphic Novel I wrote, set in Medieval Northern Europe.  I originally planned on doing the GN in my Butterbroda style because it fit the subject matter, and a simple style would speed up the drawing process...although that style is deceptive and takes more work than even I seem to realize sometimes.

I completed the first four pages, but the general consensus said it wouldn't work over an entire book. I was really determined to make the style work, but admittedly wasn't really sure myself, that it would hold up over 300 after allot of mental ping pong I went in the direction of the image above...a mix of Butterbroda with some Russian and Japanese influences added.

The desire to use the Butterbroda style was fulfilled when I started the print series...and any lingering heistation about using the more rendered style for the GN dissipated. Now I just need to get on with it...