I received a commission to do two pet portrait paintings last week, so the work flow for my WIPs has come to a standstill for the time being...but I hope to get back to them next week. I hadn't needed to buy paint in a while and discovered the Grumbacher is no longer making professional grade acrylics, at least based on the price and the name "Academy Acrylic" I don't think they are really professional grade. These days, local stores seem to mostly carry Liquitex acrylics, which I only buy in certain colors, I find some of their paint to have an odd consistency. So it looks like I'll need to switch to Windsor and Newton or Utrech brand and just order paint online. Strathmore's 500 series heavyweight plate finish boards also proved to be difficult to hunt down in stores, although I found a good price on a small box of them online so that worked out.