"Loan Your Ride"

LoanYourRide_pencils_11x14_ Over the last several years most of my artwork has been focused on sequential storytelling, and I was doing very little stand-alone images. Last year I started creating the red and black colored image series, as an offshoot of a style I had started to use for a graphic novel.

This lead up to a few months back, when I became determined to start producing more stand-alone images in the vein of my old commercial geared Illustration. The first one of these, "Loan Your Ride", is posted above and was created in Adobe Photoshop. Drawing in PS was a bit of a departure for me as all my comic book work was drawn in Illustrator. I decided to switch over to PS so I could use more expressive line work as well as giving the images a more natural feel. Once I have six or seven images drawn, I'll start coloring.