Alice in Wonderland

Detail image for Alice in Wonderland Piece.

This is a small section of a new "Butterbroda" piece depicting Alice following the White Rabbit down a tunnel of flowers.

I made pencil sketches for Alice a few years ago, but the idea sat in limbo until last Friday. I managed to get most for the piece done in a few days, although I thought it might take several days because of the complexity...once I got into the swing of drawing all the flowers, I was able to move quite quickly. I did have to introduce two new colors, a light ochre and a flesh tone, to balance the composition and help make the focal points stand out. I tried to stick with the more limited palette, but due to the dense composition and need for depth of field, I relented.

At this point I'm mainly cleaning up the image, looking for lines that don't match up or bad curves. I'll hopefully have that all done by the end of the week.