Buffy The Vampire Slayer cover Season 10 Issue 8

My cover for Buffy Season 10 issue 8, due in October 2014. Produced in a style showcasing my love of vintage Halloween ephemera.

The cover for issue 8 was already finished when Dark Horse told me they were doing a Halloween themed issue for 8. So we shifted the finished cover to another issue and I got to work on the new one. I pitched the idea of doing a very retro wraparound piece, based on the style of old Halloween decorations...past experience has proven that they'll go out on a limb, and this time was no exception.

Along with the stylized coloring, I also created an effect to mimic registration mistakes with the yellow and brown ink plates. The last piece of the puzzle was adding a rough paper texture over the top, which brought the image to life by adding a tactile tooth.