Buffy the Vampire Slayer – cover s10 issue 14

This originally started with Buffy walking through an attic, with the background/foreground assembling into a likeness of Spike. I was concerned about how well the likeness would read and decided to switch to the easier route and use a landscape...then going a step further I used a literal likeness of Spike carved into stone.

New sequential art

So this happened over the weekend...

This is for a story I wrote in 2006. I wanted to use a new style, and had experimented some but never got past that stage. Recently, I started working on the story again and came to the conclusion that I would be better off partnering with an artist (other than myself). I came to this conclusion mainly because I thought it was better time management...but in the last week the control freak in me began surfacing so I start to experiment again with the newish style. Once I had done a few pieces, I made an impromptu dive into the art for page one. Part of me would prefer the style to be more exaggerated, a little less real, but this direction seems to be working so any alterations will likely be small. I also have a page two which is almost done.